Alternative methods to healthcare are gaining traction as Singaporeans’ appetite for holistic anti-ageing treatments continues to grow unabated.

by Cheah Ui-Hoon |

ANTI-ageing isn’t a new topic for Singaporeans, what with the onslaught of supplements, detox regimes, face and body treatments that have bombarded the consumer since the concept was introduced here almost 20 years ago.

But while the practice has mostly taken a western slant, Asian therapies are starting to take hold.

A China-based healthcare company, for one, wants to set a new paradigm for anti-ageing healthcare and focus on functional medicine with its first clinic outside its home country. “With optimal health management, a male can be an average of 27 years younger than their chronological age, and women can be an average 29 years younger,” says Chen Li, founder of Life Infinity Clinic, quoting from the book The Real Age Makeover by Dr Michael Roizen, an American anti-ageing expert. Dr Chen had also previously headed Procter & Gamble’s technical marketing and training for their SKII skincare brand as well as over 10 other beauty and health brands.

Life Infinity, which has facilities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hainan, opened in Singapore last week, and has the backing of leading tycoons in China. In Singapore, it’s backed by Hong Kong-listed real estate company, Fullshare Holdings. The firm will also back Life Infinity’s move to open in France.

Only 25 per cent of one’s health is dependent on genes, she says, while 75 per cent is about how you manage your health by reducing chronic diseases, which is now the key problem in modern society.

According to the World Health Organisation, a third of cancers can be prevented. Even 90 per cent of death caused by cardiovascular disease can be prevented. Yet, in some countries, cancer odds are 50 per cent for men and 33 per cent for women above age 45.

“If you don’t manage chronic diseases then it’s going to get worse. Most people have one chronic disease. if you manage it well, you can live with it for the rest of your life. The secondary chronic diseases can be deferred by 40 to 50 years. Otherwise, the primary chronic disease will lead to the second one or even the third one within 3-5 years,” she says.

The key now is to tackle chronic diseases that cause inflammation and which are linked to many health problems. Explaining Life Infinity’s approach, Chen Jun Ping, an immunologist and neuroscience specialist who manages Life Infinity’s medical team and product designs, notes that Life Infinity practises a blend of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine.

Chronic diseases take 10 to 20 years to manifest but there are subclinical symptoms. Inflammation is in fact the cause of many conditions and a lot of the problems are interconnected. “Dynamic balance of internal and external factors is the best approach,” explains Dr Chen Jun Ping, who used to work on clinical trials at the endocrinology department of University of Oklahoma’s Health Sciences Centre.

Caroline Low of 125 Medical Clinic, an associate of Life Infinity, points out that anti-ageing is an extension of “good doctoring” which is conventional medicine practised with thought. “People think anti-ageing is for the rich, but actually, any female who’s done a pap smear and a mammogram and any male who’s checked his prostate is already practising anti-ageing. It’s about basic medicine,” she says.

Talking to patients as individuals is also vital, as it’s the doctor’s interpretation of the results that’s important, Dr Low says. “Are your numbers optimal? It shouldn’t just be “normal”. A doctor should recognise what works best for you. Anti-ageing is about individualised medicine.”

Life Infinity’s services

Through its linkup with Life Infinity, 125 Medical Clinic will be offering alternative healthcare assessments that are quite different from the standard healthcare investigations.

The Age Management menu will do detoxification screening and anti-ageing screening for males and females. That screening will look at hormone imbalances, leaky gut syndrome, adrenal fatigue/burnout and metal toxicity.

Meanwhile, a la carte tests include saliva and urine tests, hair mineral analysis and liver detox screening. Inflammatory markers (AA:EPA Ratio) can also be taken, and ultrasound tests done for breast, pelvis, prostate and abdomen.

Chronic disease screening will include diabetes, heart, hepatitis, renal and cancer tests.

Besides the medical tests, Life Infinity also has a spa offering various body massages, including manual lymphatic drainage massage, deep tissue and aromatherapy massages. For sleep management therapy, Life Infinity has a specialised nerve conduction medicine developed by a Chinese doctor.

The consultation fee starts from S$250 for anti-ageing treatments and S$150 onwards for follow up consultations. The other service that Life Infinity hopes to provide is medical concierge services, especially for Chinese nationals seeking treatment in Singapore, says Tanny Kea, partner and general manager of Life Infinity Singapore. Meanwhile, it will periodically organise visits and talks with its panel of doctors in Singapore.

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