Life Infinity is the leading global provider of premium health management, regeneration and preventive care.

Jointly founded by Sequoia Capital and a team of distinguished health entrepreneurs, medical and healthcare experts, Life Infinity is primed to serve the premium luxury segment globally, with the first ever China state council approved site for international medical tourism in Bo’ao.

What can Life Infinity Do?

Life Infinity is a premium health management provider that specialises in age management, cancer prevention and precision health management. We combine natural, holistic and long-term healing with the highest quality, intuitive care to help you look and feel your best. Our programmes and treatments are formulated and tested by an international panel of top physicians and wellness experts, and are available in Singapore, Paris, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Hainan (Bo’ao).

Age Management
Unravel the secrets to longevity, youthfulness and vitality. While success is important, true success in life goes beyond wealth and material things, and reaches deep into the core of our being. At Life Infinity, we are committed to embark on this journey to discover health and youthfulness together with you.

Cancer Prevention
Build the defense wall of immunity and lead a healthy, worry-free life. Let your life not be driven by regrets and unfulfilled pursuits. Exercise the power of choice and live your life to the fullest. At Life Infinity, we are committed to create the most formidable health fortress to protect you and your family.